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Last night was the first BBC America "Looking Back" special and it was far better than I anticipated.  I'll be honest, the last round of  BBCA specials were a bit too much "VH1: We Love the Doctor!" for my tastes.  Inane comments by tangentially connected talking heads does not a good special make. Then again, I'm not sure I was their target audience since I'm really quite familiar with the TARDIS, the fact that the Doctor can regenerate and that there are awesome companions.

Pulling in Steven Moffat, David Tennant, Peter Purves, William Russell and John Barrowman (for comic relief and who I may not forgive for slagging off "The Gunfighters"!) showed a seriousness of purpose that the previous specials, IMO, didn't have.  My guess is they filmed a bunch of stuff with Moffat, Tennant and Barrowman that will be stitched in with other commentators throughout the year.  Either way, I'm really looking forward to it!  Although I did LOL when Tennant said something along the lines that using time travel as an escape clause sort of ruins the dramatic tension.  *cough*

And finally, FINALLY my Shada DVD arrived in the mail.  I'm not all that fussed about Shada because really, haven't we talked that non-ep to death? BUT there are some lovely special features that I can't wait to dig into. I am so easy for a good extra. I have a feeling (STRONGLY telegraphed from my twitter feed) that the "Being a Girl" bit will be knuckle-whitening but I'm withholding judgment until I see it for myself.  We're discussing it on an upcoming episode of Verity! which I'm sure will prove to be...spirited. ;-)

So, hey flist...who's going to Gally this year? :D

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It's been way too long since I posted about Doctor Who on Game Day!

So much Good, with a side order of Chibnall....Collapse )
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So...I had a long post detailing why the last chapter of Mockingjay killed my Hunger Games love (and no, I didn't give a good godamn who Katniss ended up with) but I thought "why bother"? It's not going to change the minds of anyone who loves the books and all it will do is allow me to spew all over someone else's squee.

So I'll just say that for a story of coercion that morphed into a story of manipulation, it really sucks that the only agency Katniss was allowed to retain was the decision to reproduce.

This post brought to you by last week's viewing of The Hunger Games in which I weeped for my Katniss-love.
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So Dodo "is feeling much better, she would like to stay here in London and she sends you her love."


Doctor, you are such a dumbass. Dodo is obviously being held captive by the Celestial Toymaker is totally pissed that you bought that flimsy excuse. I hope you get smarter when you turn into Troughton.
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Like everyone else I was !!!!!! about the new trailers. I'm loving the dynamic between characters and the promise of a bit of a darker turn but mostly I'm excited about more River.

I do have to confess that I'm still trying to wrap my head around the seemingly conflicting portrayals of "BAMF!River" and "Angel in the House River" we saw at the end of Forest of the Dead. I don't necessarily disagree with the theory that this was CAL's reality and her dream of having a mother but...that sort of makes it really horrific. Not only is River forced into an eternal existence, she's forced into an eternal existence being the puppet to a adolescent hard drive.

If it is River's choice to be the angel in flowing gowns (which is, of course, Moffat's choice to make her the angel in flowing gowns), I'm really, really curious to see how the story takes us there. What will happen in her future that makes that reality appealing?

All theories welcome and appreciated. ;-)

Is it April 23 yet?

I would have much rather seen River being all Thursday Next, living a life of adventure amongst the great literary works of the UNIVERSE! I still think the Doctor will D/L her one day and she will kick his ass
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Oh, flist...I have so much to catch-up on. My Gallifrey One report, my near death experience from Gally!Flu (I just finished my last course of meds last weekend - aye carumba)and general mayhem and fun. But since I'm still playing deadline catch-up it will have to wait a few more days.

But I did want to jump in to say that today is Book Day! Whedonistas has been released into the wild and while it's been a bit nerve wracking watching the reviews roll in, I've been amazed at how each reviewer picks something different from the book that has touched them. As I said on twitter, I think that means we (as editors) did it right. ;-)

Thanks to all the LJ peeps who helped with this project. Whether you were a contributor, a hand-holder or someone who offered sage advice, this wouldn't have been a success without you.

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Title: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part
Rating: G
Pairing: Rory Williams, Martha Jones
Spoilers: None
Summary: Rory and Martha are trapped. It's not nearly as much fun as you'd think.
Notes: Written for voleuse for the Dreamwidth who_minis challenge. The request was for Martha Jones, being professional and bad coffee. Sorry but here's no bad coffee, just the complete absence of coffee which, let's face it, is a crime unto nature.

When we get out of here I am never, ever again in my lifetime, drinking Fruit Slurpers. They are dead to me.Collapse )
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Whedonistas first review has hit the interwebs!

I guess this is really starting. ;-)

For anyone in the L.A. area, Whedonistas will debut this Saturday at the Gallifrey One convention. The panelists include Lynne M. Thomas, Jane Espenson, Nacny Holder, Kelly Hale, Racheline Maltese, Jenn Reese and Teresa Jusino and Katy Shuttleworth. As a bonus, copies will be on sale at the convention, nearly a month before they are released into the wild via Amazon, et al. (There's tons of Gally information at their website:, including one day ticket prices.)

Exciting stuff!
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This is even better than Thanksgiving - our publisher has formally released the contributor list and Table of Contents for Wheondistas! Not only do we have fabulous professional writers, Jane "OMG" Espenson and Juliet Landau (I KNOW!) we also have an amazing collection of amateur fan writers (some plucked right off of LJ because my flist and flist of flist is AWESOME).

Want to see the list?

Whedonistas Table of ContentsCollapse )

I'm still sort of flailing a bit. ;) My only regret is The Essay That Got Away, a really well-written piece on the comics that, sadly, didn't mesh with the rest of the book. It still stings a little that we couldn't make it work.

Other than that? Best Monday ever! Now, if rarelylynne can recover from post-ChicagoTARDIS Con-over it will be a party of squee!

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I know I've been an absentee landlord for more than a little bit, but it's been for a good reason. Say hello to the Sekrit Project: Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them

In Whedonistas, a host of award-winning female writers and fans come together to celebrate the works of Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog). By discussing the impact of Whedon's work, their involvement with his shows' fandoms and why they adore the worlds he's created, these essayists aim to misbehave in Whedon's rich, fantastical worlds.

Essay topics include Sharon Shinn (""Samaria"" series) and Emma Bull (Territory) elaborating on the perfection of Firefly, Jeanne Stein (the Anna Strong Chronicles) revealing Buffy's influence on Anna Strong, and Nancy Holder (October Rain, The Watcher's Guide) relating on-the-set tales of Spike menacing her baby daughter while Riley made her hot chocolate.

Other contributors include Seanan McGuire (October Daye series), Elizabeth Bear (Chill), Catherynne M. Valente (Palimpsest), Maria Lima (Blood Lines), Jackie Kessler (Black and White), Mariah Huehner (IDW Comics), Sarah Monette (Corambis), and Lyda Morehouse (AngeLINK Series). Also featured is an exclusive interview with television writer and producer Jane Espenson

Edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Deborah Stanish. Available for sale March 15, 2011. [Amazon] [Barnes & Noble]

Cover by jigglykat The Awesome!

This has been an amazing project and working with rarelylynne has been a fantastic bonus. We have lots of additional writers to announce including some names you may find very familiar. *g* We even have a Facebook Page!

Now I think I need a restorative drink and a lie down. ;-)
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